Path of the Dead
  • Path of the Dead
  • oil on linen
  • 28" x 30"
  • 1996
  • unframed
  • $1,500

This was inspired by a visit to an Etruscan burial site in the area of Viterbo, Italy. The site is called Norchia. The Etruscans built elaborate tombs for the dead and essentially considered the area a city for the dead. Norchia has a large number of necropolis type tombs. A false door is carved into a rock face. A terrace is built on top where the rites took place. A steep stair led under the false door where the dead were placed in a room which was then sealed using huge blocks of tufa stone. The area was full of a strange feeling. Something that seemed out of time. Since it was about 2500 years ago, perhaps the edges of time were frayed as much as the tombs.