Multifaceted Arches & Dome
  • Multifaceted Arches & Dome
  • oil on linen
  • 42" x 60"
  • 2012
  • unframed
  • $10,000

The idea and drawing for this painting started in the fall of 2002. I spent most of 2003 on the painting but set it aside in early 2004 because of major changes in my living arrangements. It was not until 2009 that I began to seriously work toward finishing. Yet again, I was forced to put it aside to make a major move to New Mexico. This is not the way I normally work. Paintings may sit to the side for a few months, but never this long. So it holds a decade's worth of memories, influences, and painting techniques. It is likely that I will take the multiple dimension idea into yet another painting one day.